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Yulong Jinxiu

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Yulong Jinxiu

Generic Name
10% penconazole water emulsion
15ml*40 bags*8 bags, 100ml*50 bottles 500ml*20 bottles
This product is a sterol demethylation inhibitor, which destroys and prevents the biosynthesis of ergosterol, an important component of the cell membrane of the pathogen, which causes the cell membrane to fail to form and kill the pathogen. Due to its goo
Use technology and usage:
Crop (or range) Control object Preparation dosage Instructions
grape powdery mildew 2000-4000 times liquid spray
 (1)The amount of preparation for hectares = the amount of preparation for acre × 15
  (2)Total active ingredient concentration value (mg/kg) = (formulation content × 1000000) preparation dilution factor)
  1、Used in the early stage of grape powdery mildew. 2, apply once every 7-12 days, even 2-3 times. 3, the whole plant spray, pay attention to the spray of the front and back of the blade and the lower blade evenly. 4, windy days or expected to rain within 1 hour, do not apply.


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Udragon believes that the concept of sustainable development, adhere to the green environmental protection strategy, committed to minimize the enterprise operation of public and environmental health and safety impacts, for ourselves and for future generations to seek blessings. 



Innovation in research and development is a driving force of Udragon which ensures that we continue to apply “the right chemistry” in a sustainable way. Udragon has always been adhering to the "innovation powerful enterprise" concept, insisting on the "promoting innovative R&D by the demand of enterprise development and enterprise development by achievements of innovative R&D". In order to enable the enterprise to catch the first opportunity in the new international competition and gain market initiative,we improve self-made innovation ability greatly, pay attention to mastering core technologies, self-owned intellectual properties.


Quality Control


Strictly referring to the product standard at national, industrial, enterprise level, Udragon has established a series of observant quality control system. In order to ensure the product quality standardized and stable, and meet diversified market demands, Udragon always follows the quality policies which is ‘establishing perfect/sound management system, setting up rigorous work styles, manufacturing the first-class quality products, and providing satisfactory after-sales service’.




As a chemical company, Udrgon Chemical understands that HSE is the foundation and prerequisite for the company to develop healthily and steadily. Over the years, Udragon Chemical has made continuous efforts in many aspects, such as health, safety and environmental protection.