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As a chemical company, Udrgon well aware that HSE is the base of the development for a company. Over the years, Udragon has made continuous efforts to improve the level of Health, Safety and Environment.


For the staff, Udragon ensures that their health and legal rights in every aspects.

In the management aspect, we carried on the occupational health training and risk informing to make every employee know the potential safety risk in the position. Through that, the employee could understand the occupational health knowledge and better use the health protection equipment. Meantime, we create the emergency disposal guide to against unexpected accident.

In the technical aspect, we keep on innovating the process to avoid risky operation and reduce the health risk. On the other hand, we regularly invite the occupational health experts or hire professional agencies to evaluate the health situation of plant, to improve the management and ensure the health of the staff.

At the same time, our company provides annual physical examination. so that employees are well aware of their health.


We improve the management system, regularize operating processes, train workers to make effort to ensure the production safety. Besides, we replaced the high-risk process, invite experts to find risk point, and use DCS to manage the production.


As a chemical company, our plants are equipped with advanced environmental protection equipment to ensure the environmental friendliness of the company's production and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

In 2015, the company invested more than 20 million yuan to equip the waste water incineration device with international leading level from China Aerospace Power Technology Research Institute, Which aims to dispose the waste gas, the waste water and the industry solid waste with the biochemical system of 600 tons of wastewater treatment per day and the RTO (short for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) automatic waste gas incineration device. After the inspection by the quality inspection department, discharge into industrial sewage pipeline or be locked away in the special safety warehouse only meet the national standards.

We have hired environmental experts and professional organizations to carry out environmental assessment of environmental protection measures, which aims to reduce the environment impact of discharging.