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Quality Control

Quality Control

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Strictly referring to the product standard at national, industrial, enterprise level, Udragon has established a series of observant quality control system, which aims to ensure the product quality standardized and stable, and meet diversified market demands.

Quality control from the beginning

The purchase of raw materials is the first step of quality control. With the strict control on raw materials, the update on supplier list providing optimal sources, the review of suppliers' sustainable production capacity, such as safety and environmental protection, and the elimination of the suppliers with unqualified supplements, we tie the suppliers and ourselves together, and ensure the continuous availability of high-qualified raw materials.

Focus on the process

We strictly control the production process, and stimulate the enthusiasm of relative party to take part in the quality management in which detailed control standard is set up. The production process and the finished products are under the strict control by Quality Inspection and Quality Assurance Departments. Therefore, we always adhere to the concept that ‘we are all for the customer’, in order to ensure the stability of products quality, and spare efforts to find the best combination of quality and benefit.

Brand Services

Minded by ‘Where there is pesticide market, there is our product, and our timely and thoughtful service’, Udragon tracks and establishes sound customer profiles to have a better understanding towards the whole-course comprehensive services for farmers, in which the feedback makes sense for quality management. We not only sell products, but provide crop protection service. By inviting farmers to directly experience the effect of field test, we share with them how to use the products in scientific way. Meanwhile, we communicate with customers in various ways, and put the return visit into practice, by reflecting customers’ feedback to internal QC and production parties to solve the problems. This market oriented mind and service will help us to improve customers’ satisfaction continuously.