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The production base of Hanghzou Udragon Chemical Co., Ltd.


Established in June, 1998, and located in Tangxi Industrial Development Area, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, Hangzhou Udragon Chemical Co., Ltd. Plant (hereinafter referred to as ‘Udragon Plant’) is a formulation manufacturing base which covers an area of about 20000 square meters.

The Udragon Plant has an independent technical team and cooperates with many universities and research institutions in China to provide an effective solution for the production and development of formulation and the improvement of production processes.

The Udragon Plant has 5 workshops for producing formulations in a variety of dosage forms such as SC, EW, ME, AS, EC, WDG, FS, WP, etc. It can also produce a variety of formulations including its own brand and customized products.

The Udragon Plant has a complete environmental control system, and The Ministry of Security and Environment Protection conducts pollution detection and sorts ledger to ensure the smooth progress of daily environmental protection work, which enables the factory to produce successfully under the increasingly stringent environmental supervision pressure.


The production base of Zhejiang Udragon Bioscience Co., Ltd.


Udragon Chemical acquired the local state-run Haiyan Pesticide Factory, renamed it as Zhejiang Udragon BioScience Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as ‘Udragon Biosience’) which is holding subsidiary of Udragon Chemical and made it as the production base for technical-grade products. Occupying a total area of 6, 8000 square meters and being located in No. 1 Fangjiadai Road, Haiyan Economic Development Area. Udragon Biosience lies in a convenient transportation position, since it is less than 100 kilometers away from either Shanghai or Hangzhou.

Udragon Biosience has an independent technical team and has more than 100 sets of production equipment including reactors and devices with multiple effect evaporation. All these advanced facilities and sophisticated production process give us a leading position in production technology. 

In 2015, a high-concentration wastewater incinerator with international leading level was put into use in Udragon Biosience, which effectively ensured that the company has sufficient environmental protection allowance, broke through the bottleneck of wastewater treatment in the company's production, and truly implemented green production.